Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Access 2010 - Forms

Create Forms in Access 2010

Access 2010 is different from other Office 2010 applications in that the basic functions of programs like Word and Excel are fairly obvious and work well ‘out of the box’. Access on the other hand needs a bit more preparation. There are, of course, Wizards to help you through the creation of simple Forms, Queries and Reports though some kind of in-depth knowledge is needed to advance the programs functions any further and get the most out of the application.

Creating Forms

It is possible to create a decent looking form in just a few easy steps from the Tab Create > Forms.

  • Form

Create a form that lets you enter information for one record at a time.

  • Form Design

Create a new blank form in Design View. In Design View, you can make advanced design changes to forms, such as adding custom control types and writing code.

  • Blank Form

Create a form with no controls or format.

  • Form Wizard

Automatically create a form choosing fields from Tables or Queries

  • Multiple Items

Create a web form that shows multiple records at once.

  • Datasheet

Enters the Form Tools > Datasheet Tab to create a form directly from the Datasheet.

  • Split Form
Create a split form that shows a datasheet in the upper section and a form in the lower section for entering information about the record selected in the datasheet.
  • Modal Dialog

Create a Modal Dialog from Form Design Tools

  • PivotChart

Create a PivotChart from the PivotChart Tools > Design Tab

  • PivotTable

Create a PivotTable view. PivotTable views are interactive, making it easy for you to lay out the data in the format that works best for you, view summary data, or to see more detailed data.


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