Monday, 29 June 2009

Office 2010 – Excel II

Part 7 – Excel 14 (Overview continued)

I will go through the remaining Tabs listing their Groups but not all the functions of each group command. There is only one additional option; since Office 2007, apart from those mentioned in Part – 6, so I’ll just quickly run through the rest of the Tabs’ Groups.

Page Layout Groups:

  • Themes
  • Page Setup
  • Scale to fit
  • Sheet Options
  • Arrange

Formulas Groups:

  • Function Library
  • Defined Names
  • Formula Auditing
  • Calculation

In the Function Library>More Functions there’s an additional dropdown list ‘Compatibility’ which has 36 new functions (some are visible in the screenshot).

Data Groups:

  • Get External Data
  • Connections
  • Sort & Filter
  • Data Tools
  • Outline

Review Groups:

  • Proofing
  • Language (New)
  • Comments

Changes Language has simply been taken from the Proofing Group and given its own group.

View Groups:

  • Workbook Views
  • Show
  • Zoom
  • Window
  • Macros

Add-Ins Group:

  • Custom Toolbars

One thing I didn’t mention before it the tiny upward pointing arrow next to the ‘?’ help sign. Used for hiding the Ribbon, previously accessible from the Quick Access Toolbar dropdown menu.

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