Saturday, 4 July 2009

Office 2010 – OneNote III

Microsoft Office OneNote 2010 – Continued

Having used Office OneNote 2010 for a couple of days now I can see why many people have already incorporated it into their daily routine. It is easy to see how, some of the time saving features and the convenience of having all your ‘bits’ in one place, make it a useful and powerful tool to have at hand.

I can take a paragraph, from this document for example, select it and drag it to the Side Note and drop it ready to be assigned a location from the Unfiled Notes to whichever Section or Page it is intended for.

Here is the Side Note

A simple table can be created by hitting the Tab key after typing anywhere on the page, continue hitting Tab after each entry to create the column headings. Use the Down Arrow to comple the table.

The ‘hidden’ calculator in OneNote is very useful. Just type the sum anywhere on the page and hit the space bar after the equals sign.

The Office (OneNote) Button




Save As



OneNote Options



General options for working with OneNote.

  • User Interface Options
  • Default font
  • Personalise your copy of Microsoft Office


Change how OneNote looks.

  • Display


Change how OneNote corrects and formats your text.

  • AutoCorrect options
  • When correcting spelling in Microsoft Office programs
  • When correcting spelling in OneNote

Save & Backup:

Customise how OneNote saves and backs up your notes.

  • Save
  • Backup
  • Optimising files
  • Cache file location

Send to OneNote:

Customise how OneNote integrates with other applications.

  • Send to OneNote
  • Outlook Items
  • Other content

Audio & Video:

Customise how OneNote makes and plays audio and video recordings.

  • Audio & Video
  • Audio Search


Set the Office Language Preferences.

  • Choose editing languages
  • Choose display and Help languages


Advanced options for working with OneNote.

  • Editing
  • Linked Notes
  • Pen
  • E-mail sent from OneNote
  • OneNote Mobile
  • Battery Options
  • Tags
  • Passwords
  • Search
  • Text recognition in pictures
  • Other

Customise Ribbon:

Customise the Ribbon.

  • Choose commands from:
  • Customise the Ribbon:
  • Net Tab
  • New Group
  • Rename
  • Restore Defaults
  • Import/Export

Quick Access Toolbar:

Customise the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Choose commands from:
  • Customise Quick Access Toolbar:
  • Restore Defaults
  • Import/Export


View and manage Microsoft Office add-ins.

  • Add-ins
  • Legacy Add-ins

Trust Center:

Help keep your documents safe and your computer secure and healthy.

  • Protecting your privacy
  • Security & more
  • Microsoft Office OneNote Trust Center
  • Trust Center Settings

Next Office 2010 PowerPoint...


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