Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Office 2010 - News

Technical Preview

The ‘official’ Technical Preview is here

Yesterday, Microsoft began its ‘invitation only’, but none the less impressive, Technical Preview of the Office 2010 package. Still no mention of that underestimated little word, price. The price will be a major concern for anyone who already owns Office 2007 especially considering that it doesn’t do anything fundamentally different and there is also the less glamorous but still functional OpenOffice Suite for free.

Online Office

Office 2010 will also be available in an online version, albeit reduced. The programs that will be available are Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. Use of the remote Office will also be compatible with Safari and Firefox. The fact that they were not really highlighting of the online version of Office 2010 is more a response to Google docs rather than a shift in emphasis from the software package. As I understand it you will need a Windows Live account to access it but there’s no cost involved even for non-Office users, though one if its main attractions is the ability to collaborate with other Office 2010 licence owners.

The Office 2010 web applications will have a restricted functionality but more than enough to make adjustments to existing documents including using formulas in Excel and adding web clips and the like to OneNote. We will have to wait for the full release of Office 2010 to try out the web-based features which are not available in the Technical Preview though, apparently they will be available later this year. You can read more about it from their site, here.

Next, SharePoint Workspace...


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