Sunday, 19 July 2009

Outlook 2010 - Import Contacts

Office 2010 - Outlook Contacts

To import contacts to outlook 2010 from a webmail account; sign in to your webmail account, click contacts, depending on the account you will either see at the top of the contacts box/list ‘Export’ or Manage > Import/Export. Download the CSV file to your computer/desktop. CSV Comma-Separated Values (sometimes called Comma-Separated Variables) are Excel files used to export data. Basically, each row entry from a table, for example, is separated by a comma enabling data to be passed (as a whole) from one application to another (usually databases to spreadsheets and vice versa).

With the CSV file save somewhere on your computer, I usually download files that will only be used once to the desktop.

Open Outlook 2010, with the Navigation Pane showing, right-click Contacts and from the context menu click new folder. You can, of course add your contacts to an existing folder but I prefer to keep them separate.

Give the folder a name.

There is no File menu in Office 2010 so everything you would usually find there is now on the new, classier Office Button. Office (Outlook) Button > Open > Import. I assume they get well paid for doing this, they should, but I don’t associate open and import in the same context, logically speaking. It can be a good barometer when applications follow a logical sequence. Or, where someone has said something like “yeah, I know where it can go, let's see if it passes the focus group”.

Import and Export Wizard: Import from another file.

Import a File: Make sure Comma Separated Values (DOS) is selected.

Choose the file from your desktop or documents. Duplicates are not an issue if you are importing to a new folder so leave it on ‘Allow duplicates to be created’.


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