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Office 2010 – PowerPoint IV

Office PowerPoint 2010 – Continued

Having chosen the slide format from Page Setup, (see Office – PowerPoint III) click on View Tab > Master Views > Slide Master. Formatting the background, Text format and images individually will take time so we use the Slide Master to make a Master Slide whose characteristics will appear in every slide in the presentation.

The Slide Master Tab Groups are:

  • Edit Master
  • Master Layout
  • Edit Theme
  • Background
  • Page Setup
  • Close

It is important to close the Slide Master before adjusting individual slide content otherwise the content will be added to every slide in the presentation.

The subject of the presentation is Microsoft Security Essentials. The program, originally codenamed ‘Moro’ (most Microsoft applications have pre-release names) was released in beta version last month (June 23) in a small handful of countries.

The small handful is in fact three countries, United States (Microsoft’s home base) Israel (where the ‘Morro’ development team are) and Brazil (Microsoft’s target launch market). The version I use was ‘borrowed’ from the internet (series of tubes).

Microsoft Security Essentials (beta version) is a free Anti-virus/Malware/Spyware suite and successor to Windows Live OneCare and will allegedly be released by the end of 2009.

On the Slide Master Tab I prefer to set the background and images before setting the text format, that way you can see how the text will look against the background that will be constant throughout the presentation.

Right-click on the slide, select Format Background

From the Format Background box Fill > Picture or texture fill > Insert from: choose your background image, Apply to All and Close.

Click/Select the textbox at the top of the slide and select/evidence the text ‘Click to edit Master title style’, when an object is selected the Drawing tools are visible, with the text highlighted Drawing Tools > Format > WordArt Styles. I’ve selected the first one:

Fill – Tan, Text 2, Outline – Background 2

In the lower textbox I will delete all but the Third level, change the font to a serif font (serif fonts are the ones with the curly bits on the end of the letters ‘semi-structural details’, sans serif, the title text, are without) the serif font selected is Times New Roman. I will also add two images which will appear on each slide, close the Master Slide.

I will use text directly from the beta website to describe the program, (I will review it fully closer to its release date) and add slides from Home Tab > New Slide when needed.

Having added the text go to the Transitions Tab > Transition to This Slide, my own preference is the Checkerboard. A Transition is the animation which moves from one slide to the next. To keep it simple and to save time (it’s also a nice effect) I will keep the same Transition throughout the presentation by clicking Apply to All. In Effect Options I selected ‘From Top’ (the other option being 'From Left').

In Transitions > Timing > After, set the time to 00:05.00. Click the Slide Show Tab > Start Slide Show > From Beginning. Run the presentation.

Here is how the presentation should look:

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