Thursday, 16 July 2009

SharePoint Workspace 2010

SharePoint Workspace (Groove)

SharePoint Workspace (successor to Groove 2007) is Microsoft’s collaboration application for individuals and groups to share project information. The collaborative areas are called Workspaces that allow automatic synchronisation from anyone, anytime and anywhere.

Microsoft acquired Groove Networks in 2005 which had been originally developed by the creator of Lotus Notes Ray Ozzie.

You're either invited to join a Workspace or you invite.

After setting up your account the program starts with the Launchbar, an interface from which to launch Workspaces. The two Tabs on the Launchbar are:


  • Workspaces
  • Actions


  • View

The Workspace Tabs and their Groups are:


  • New
  • Clipboard
  • Documents
  • Track
  • Go To


  • Tools
  • Invite
  • Communicate


  • Show/Hide
  • Sort
  • Arrange
  • Window

I call it the Office Button, some are calling it Backstage (Either way it’s the old File Menu).

The Office (SharePoint Workspace) Button





SharePoint Workspace Options

Groove Options (That's what they're called!)


General options for working with SharePoint Workspace.

  • User Interface Options
  • SharePoint Workspace Options


Set the Office Language Preferences.

  • Choose editing languages
  • Choose display and Help languages

Customise Ribbon:

Customise the Ribbon.

  • Choose commands from:
  • Customise the Ribbon:
  • New Tab
  • New Group
  • Rename
  • Restore Defaults
  • Import/Export

Quick Access Toolbar:

Customise the Quick Access Toolbar.

  • Choose commands from:
  • Customise Quick Access Toolbar:
  • Restore Defaults
  • Import/Export

Trust Center:

Help keep your documents safe and your computer secure and healthy.

  • Protecting your privacy
  • Security & more
  • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Trust Center
  • Trust Center Settings


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