Sunday, 5 July 2009

Office 2010 - Outlook III

Office 2010 Outlook 14 – Daily Task List Tool

In Calendar View the Daily Task List Tools opens. The Daily Task List Tab Groups are:


  • Open
  • Move
  • More Actions


  • Reply
  • Reply All
  • Forward

Manage Task:

Mark Complete

Remove from List

Follow Up:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • This Week
  • Next Week
  • No Date
  • Custom


  • Arrange By


  • Categorise
  • Follow Up
  • Private
  • High Importance
  • Low Importance

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C said...

This is an excellent site. Thanks for documenting about Task in Calendar View. It's disappointing that Microsoft did not improve on the Arrange By feature. It seems to be the same as OL 2007, Arrange By "Start Date", "Due Date". I was hoping it would arrange by Subject or Categories. I am having to arrange them manually now by dragging. Keep up the great work!

webhp.html said...

You're welcome C and thanks for your feedback. It's always appreciated.

Alex said...

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